Embroidery is labor intensive and obsessive, which seems to suit my studio practice. My work stems from embroidered samplers mostly done by women in the 17th-19th centuries. Little acts of defiance can be seen in some of these sewn samplers, and it is these acts that I respond to. In my work, voice is foremost. I strive for the tension in the overcoming of an authoritative other, or what has been held back, hushing, smothering, stifling, and giving doubt.  The tension is literally seen in the cloth, the way it pulls in, and is released from its hold, or restrained by it. Sewn text gives me a vehicle for breaking through, speaking out, or for commenting on the abruptness of being cut off. Embroidery has become my own personal call to arms, defiance against the system, rocking the boat…all under the guise of sweet, little tiny stitches.